Maker Project - Thinking through practice

Ava Vaughan / Product Designer Maker

Oak-Smoked Cocktail Cabinet

Oak veneered Plywood, Mirrored Glass

When I think of 1920’s, the decade in which the Cox’s tubular chair was first produced, images of the Jazz era are conjured up with flapper dresses, glamour, cruise liners and cocktails.

This gave me the inspiration to take a utility piece of furniture that is associated within the home and transform it into the colourful world, of high-end luxury. I chose not to manipulate the frame in order to keep its integrity but decided instead to change its function, by inverting and using it as a silhouette to build a cocktail cabinet.

An element of the design was also to lead the user into believing the frame is structural, but in reality it is merely an outer skeleton. I wanted to contrast the historic raw and rough features of the chairs design with the slick and smooth finish of the traditional and contemporary wooden cabinet.

The chair now has a new lease of life as a functional cabinet, which will hopefully take people back to a bygone era sipping Manhattan’s and White Ladies.

Maker Diary to follow soon...

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