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Ian Rylatt / Ceramicist

I Wanna’ Hear It Again

Mixed-Media including; Paper Maché, Gramophone components and collection of 78 vinyl

The old to new chair is really about celebrating the old and bringing it to our present. From the First World War, the depression of the 30’s and through the Second World War music was a way to cope with the tragedies of those years. It was not only listened to but the village hall dances were an important place to come together to let go of the tensions of life through dance, laughter, talk and love.

The sense of community spirit has been revived, like these old records, in the way this chair has come to be. Friends and fellow artists have all had a part to play in creating this piece. They got in the groove, and the record of all that love has now come full circle in the chair. In its new life, its old life can be enjoyed for years to come…listen carefully…play on…play on…

Working with other artists and feeling their enthusiasm and support for this project has been a privilege I didn’t expect when I began. This collaborative effort has also been implicit and reflected in Tom’s whole project, again something that I feel privileged to be part of.

I thank all those who have contributed to this so far. Just last week someone asked if she could do something…this isn’t yet finished!

The record will keep playing…listen out for the next gig, sometime next year!

I wanna' hear it again - Performance piece

Maker Photo Diary 

78s' record artwork

Within the true spirit of a community project this element was inspired by a party held to celebrate the Cox tubular chair. Held in their Hay barn and cordially hosted by Ian and Paula Rylatt, 78s' from the 1930's through to the late 1950's were played throughout the evening. Each guest was issued with a dance card on which they were asked to share thoughts towards the music including memories and feelings evoked. Artists around the community then interpreted some of these thoughts through image.

The artists;

Ag Cain  6 | 33,  Ross Hudis  28,  Steve Mills  27a,  Gill Pirie + Paula Rylatt  11,  Ian Rylatt  2 | 3 | 5 | 7 | 12-20 | 22-25 | 26a | 29 | 34-38,  Paula Rylatt  1 | 6a | 26,  Jude Riley  40-42,  Madra Scott  39,  Wilkie Tew  27,  Anita Woods  4 | 9 | 10,  Party quotes  30-32.

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