Maker Project - Thinking through practice

  Research Assistant / Maker

Peter Howcroft

Furniture Maker  + Woodworker

“I love working
with my hands,
combined with
the simplicity of

Trained as an architect I work as an artist in multiple categories: wood artist, basket weaver, leather goods - all made by hand, because I can’t use machines. I am the lucky survivor of a brain tumour, got ‘started’ again by doing basket weaving.

You find the architectural background in my designs; I especially like the ‘cat head’ form: starting from four corners and finishing up as a round basket. All my designs are meant to be useful and beautiful.

I love to get up in the morning, feeling the wooden floorboards under my bare feet. The smell of warm wood in the workshop, the story the grain tells...

Growing trees in the garden, to see the changes every day - it is fantastic!!

I love working with my hands, combined with the simplicity of beauty.

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