Maker Project - Thinking through practice

  Research Assistant / Maker

Ian Rylatt


“I strongly
believe in quality
in ‘handmade’
items linked with
interesting design,
shape, form or

I studied at Lincoln College of Art and Manchester Polytechnic in the UK. I set up as a potter in the late 1980’s and my focus has always been on teapots and drinking vessels. All pieces are hand thrown and constructed and fired to stoneware. I was born in Lincoln but now live with my wife on a small holding in the hills of west Wales. I strongly believe in quality workmanship in ‘handmade’ items linked with interesting design, shape, form or concept.

Originally on receiving correspondence concerning this project I nearly missed it, but on reading, the element of it being a “Band Stand Chair” perked my curiosity. This was because I have a collection of over 1,500 78rpm gramophone records and five gramophones! The records are of all types of music, but there are a lot of the big bands from the 1930’s to 1950’s.

The band stand chair project is interesting in different ways. Firstly, not having done anything like it, it’s good to have a challenge outside ones normal practice; to think outside of my own box. In a way my approach is the same in that I want to find my way to an interesting result, for me and for the viewer, but the journey to that place is always one of discovery; some dead ends, some anxiety, some surprises, but seductive none the less.

Secondly, the decline in art education in all its facets is sad, and I support any attempt to highlight the value of hand-crafted artistic items, and I am glad to be part of this initiative.

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