Maker Project - Thinking through practice

The value of creative thinking and practical skills

How much do we use creative thinking and practical skills within our daily lives, is this instinctive, ancestral, or grounded in us through prior education? 

Do we often apply both creative thinking and strong use of hand to eye coordination without even being aware of it? and are both these attributes a natural approach to problem-solving?

Considering all the above, your thoughts and responses are valued in contributing towards ongoing research studying the importance of creative thinking and practical skills within society and education. All information provided will remain anonymous so please spare 5-10 minutes to take the Maker Project Survey, providing comments to support your responses where possible.

Your voice is very much appreciated and updated results will continue to be published on this site replacing current data listed below.

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Survey Data

Research data published below is the result of 110 anonymous candidates completing the online survey between October 2019 and November 2021. 

* Figures and comments published are collated from two survey providers used within the above period, Toluna-Quick Surveys and Survio.

1. Which of the following best describes your current position?                                                   

2. Which area(s) are you actively engaged? 

(Choose all applicable)

3. How often is creative thinking part of your professional practice?

4. Can you explain why?

5. To what extent is creative thinking part of your professional practice?

6. Can you explain why?

7. How often is creative thinking part of your day to day or leisure activities?

8. Can you explain why?

9. What kinds of creative or recreational activities do you participate in? 

(Choose all applicable)

10. In your everyday activities how important is working with processes, materials and applying hand to eye coordination?

11. Can you suggest why?

12. Where did you learn to work with materials and develop hand to eye coordination?

Formal Education / Employment / Informal Education? 

(Choose all applicable)

13. How much did you learn from Art & Craft, Design & Technology and Social Science classes at School?

14. Can you explain why?

15. How often have you used / do you continue to use the vocational or creative skills learned at school, either directly or indirectly?

End of survey

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