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  Research Assistant / Maker

Sadie Blythin

Jewellery Maker

“I love working hands 

on with materials, there 

are always so many 

different possibilities in 

letting the material 

follow the idea.”

'Layer upon layer'

From simple objects to sculptural body pieces my work combines an interest in exploring the boundary between art, jewellery and fashion; and the dynamic relationship between the wearer, the body and jewellery.

I love working hands on with materials, there are always so many different possibilities in letting the material follow the idea. I am often drawn to plastic in its many forms, from sheet to liquid, in combination with other materials. I am a great enthusiast of exploratory practice and as a result have developed a process to create my own material from paper and resin. I love the alchemy that occurs, as the process of transforming something ordinary like paper into something extraordinary to touch and adorn.

There is much debate around what is jewellery and I find this very freeing and inspiring. I am interested in producing large scale sculptural objects alongside practical, wearable forms. I could suggest my work is wearable sculpture or jewellery that works on a number of levels - as many of the pieces can both be worn and also used to adorn a wall. Equally everything that you can carry with you could be perceived as a jewel.

The majority of my jewellery pieces are one-off’s so the whole making process is quite experimental and time consuming. All the work produced from paper is hand cut and crafted to a high quality, every element undergoes a special laminating and carving process that I have developed and continue to refine. Larger scale sculptural objects often employ textile, utilising heat forming processes to produce larger/lighter works.

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