Maker Project - Thinking through practice

Sadie Blythin /  Jewellery Maker

Concept Jewellery

Powder-coated Steel, Acrylic, Wool

In my practice as a jeweller I take inspiration from art, music and clothing; blurring the boundaries of and exploring the notion - what is jewellery?

I create intuitively from a love of colour, material processes and the physical act of making. These ideas are reflected in my work through line, form and colour, translated into unique, tactile outlines for on and off the body.

Reinterpreting the Cox & Co Tubular Bandstand Chair - Built, unbuilt this work addresses the physical transformation of functionality.

An industrial material, combined with an artistic approach, to capture a vague essence of playfulness.

The chair now operates as a set of objects equipped to perform as you like them!

Maker Diary to follow soon...

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